Trying something a bit different today…forgive the amateur quality of this particular post.

She looks up, as the sky weeps unto the land. Across distant treetops cloud-light flashes, creating a brief, but mesmerizing, display, the spotlights of a hundred stadiums brightening the sky all at once. She turns her attention downward as the crackle of thunder roars at her, a roar somehow hitting her from all sides. On the stone below her droplets hit, seemingly bouncing back up for a millisecond before settling in with the rest of the gathering water, making way for the thousands more drips to come after it. On the bare earth, however, they disappear, sinking into the brown abyss.

Another stadium display lights the clouds above her, turning her attention back upwards, where the partially stripped trees sway, unhinged but for their roots. An orange-brown leaf flicks at her forearm; she feels its leathery, veined touch before it flies away to join its multicolored companions. Roar, the sky hurls at her again, yet closer this time.

Leaves crackle and squelch underneath her boots as she makes her way forward, the occasional pocket of mud being hidden in the covered forest floor. A third flash, brilliantly creating a silhouette of trees above her, a half-second from a ’50’s horror flick.

She knows its coming this time, she braces herself for it.

It doesn’t help. This roar is louder than any ones prior to it, so loud she’s certain there’s no way they could get more deafening. She knew it was coming, but it still bites into her, assailing her, beating at her chest harder than her own heart. It almost hurts.

She realizes she can’t beat this. Knowing another roar is inevitable only makes it worse. Nature itself is a force of nature, and no strength of will can stop an unrelenting force.



Winter Wonderland 

In which our hero snaps pictures with his definitely not fancy camera

As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by the unprofessional quality of these pictures, I am by no means a photographer. I have a few photo-savvy friends, with hundreds to thousands of followers on Instagram, with their fancy, expensive cameras and lenses, which they edit every night on their computers, making sure every inch of every photo is flawless (picture-perfect, you might say. Ha! …sorry). I don’t have any of that stuff; no fancy camera, no crazy editing program, and certainly very little knowledge on what makes a photo “good.” But, I can appreciate a beautiful photo when I see one, even if I can’t take many myself.

So, for that reason, I want to post a few photos I took today of the beautiful snow coming down in the little Illinois town where I currently reside. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I appreciate nature immensely. I can appreciate a dark, stormy day just as much as a clear sunset over the ocean. And I don’t care if you hate driving in it, you can’t deny snow looks super purrrrty. I’m a sucker when it comes to pretty-looking scenery.

– Ryan